Brief Summary

Severn Leadership Group

The Severn Leadership Group believes the future can be better than the present and we have a personal and moral responsibility to make it so.


Inspire lives of selfless courage and service to others before self

The Severn Leadership Group (SLG) seeks to develop and support an ever-increasing circle of leaders and followers who are committed to a life of selfless courage, boldness in service to others, personal and professional standards of excellence.

The Severn Leadership Group’s leadership perspective is centered on a systems-based approach to leadership and followership — grounded in four basic precepts:

  • Leadership and followership are defined by one’s character
  • Leadership and followership are relational in nature
  • Character is shaped by a core set of timeless and transcendent virtues
  • Selfless courage and service to others is not a style of leadership, but a learned behavior

The Severn Leadership Group consists of professionals known as “Fellows” and “Senior Fellows”.

SLG 20 Goals

  • Understanding of:
    • The SLG systems-approach to leadership and followership
    • Character as the core to both leadership and followership
    • Deeper sense of self, purpose, and the need for an integrated authentic life
  • Developing behaviors that reflect the core virtues of love, integrity, truth, excellence, and the importance of healthy relationships
  • Commitment to a life of selfless courage and service to others
  • Passion for a mission, a purpose, a cause
  • Practical ability to:
    • Lead and follow
    • Build relationships and trust
    • Build high performance teams (cells of excellence)
  • Focus on building a team and not a career
  • Discover the on-going resources of the SLG

Leadership begins with you, but is not about you

Leadership is defined by one’s character (core). It is relational, selfless, and transforming – Inspiring excellence in persons and organizations.


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